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WTT 1971 Instrument Cluster (w/tach)


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Mar 14, 2020
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1971 Mach 1
I have a 1971 instrument cluster (with tach) that I came across that I bought as a working cluster. After going back and forth for a few weeks, I have decided not to put in my Mach 1 as I want to keep everything as close to stock as I can. That said, things I am looking for include: a decent, working '71 AM/FM radio or 8 track, shifter housing (auto), or '71 351C 2V heat riser. Can give/take cash as needed to make it a fair deal all the way around.

The instrument cluster is not perfect but would be OK for a daily driver. The flex circuit on the back will need to be replaced, and the lens on the front is not original as there is no hole for the reset on the trip odometer. I wasn't too concerned about that as I was going to replace the lens anyway. The face of the tach is a little smudged in spots (hard to get a picture of it), but the fuel gauge and the speedometer look OK. The inside of the housing has been freshly painted (matte silver) and looks to be very close to original.

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Jan 7, 2015
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You said you are looking for AM/FM or AM 8 track. The radio heater control bezel is different for the AM / 8 Track. The cut out for the face goes all the way up to the chrome outline. The AM and AM/FM is about 1/4" smaller. You can cut it out to fit the AM/ 8 Track.

If you go with the clock in the dash you will need to find the block off plate for the long console if you have one. They are pricey I think one on Ebay is $300.