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Found 9 results

  1. **** SOLD **** I just removed this kit from my car. It worked great, but I just needed bigger and cooler rotors since I will be tracking the car. That said, I have my used one for sale. It was used for about 5k miles. It comes with the calipers, vented rotors, 2 sets of pads (the standard BP-10 and another like-new set of E compounds with only 200 miles on them) and hardware. I had a disc spindle but the adapter would work with drum spindles, according to the instructions. The only major items you will need are the flexible hoses, which are not included, and suggest new bearings and seal. I have some extra bolts that can be used for the drum spindle if needed and some extra washers that are used to center the calipers. You will also need to enlarge and tap the pre-existing holes in the spindles per the instructions. I am attaching the instructions here. This set costs about $630+taxes new. So I am asking $375+shipping OBO with the extra set of pads. Here is a link. The only difference is that this kit has the black calipers: https://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitsProdFront?itemno=140-13477&year=1971&make=Ford&model=Mustang&option=Disc+Brake+Spindle Wilwood (140-13477 - front) brake instructions ds1035.pdf
  2. Good condition, works as it should. 28 spline, 3.25 gear ratio, came out of 71 convertible 7-8 years ago for highway geared 3rd member. pickup only 500.00
  3. Cool item for 73 owners https://www.ebay.com/itm/used-1973-vintage-license-plate-PAIR-Michigan-manufacturer-issued-to-Ford-Motor/392909550340?hash=item5b7b3bf304:g:BlUAAOSwKvRfOFWk&autorefresh=true
  4. Hello, I recently scored a Tach Dash and triple gauge cluster at a swap meet. I am looking for the correct dash harness for them. I really don't want to hack up my original stuff to make them work. Thanks. EDIT: My bad, I did not see the Want To Buy forum, I thought this was it
  5. These are the seat belts that came in my car. Based on the tags they are from late 1970. The pictures show the tags. $40 (OBO) + shipping
  6. Restored this about 2 years ago. Wheel had a lot of cracks I ground out and used PC-7 to fill. Painted with appliance epoxy paint, horn contacts are good. Not concourse condition but it’s also not 450 bucks. 125 shipped. thanks for looking.
  7. 71 Mach 1 bucket seats, black with vermilion stripes. Excellent condition, comes with working electric seat back releases and tracks/mounts. Located central Michigan area, sorry but these are pick-up only. $750.00 or best
  8. I am selling this kit that I bought from CJPony Parts at the end of 2014 (https://www.cjponyparts.com/rear-disc-brake-conversion-kit-small-bearing-8-9-1965-1973/p/DBR21-V/). I bought the DBR21, but now they listed as DBR21-V. I understand they have redesigned the calipers since I bought this kit. You will get pretty much everything in the kit listed plus one extra caliper, extra set of pads and extra hardware that I used to install it in my Mustang. I have 3 calipers because the kit I bought had two matching calipers so one side can be installed in the oposite orientation, which will have the e-brake coming from the back. In theory this is what they sell for staggered shocks but I ended up not using it because there is no need for it. I was able to install both calipers facing in the same direction which makes installation a lot easier. That's the reason why I have an extra caliper. In any case, you get the 3 calipers and you can decide what to do, or just keep it as a spare. The calipers have a section of the outer edge slightly ground to clear my Magnum wheels. The kit was used about 2,000 miles. I have now replaced it with a more expensive Wilwood kit. The reason is because this kit is a one piston system with a much larger surface area than my front Wilwoods, which caused an unbalance. This kit should work very well with the OEM disc brakes at the front. I had no problem locking the rear wheels with this kit. My problem was that they were robbing fluid from the front so my fronts were not working efficiently. This kit is very easy to install. You don't need to remove the axles. You will get all the parts I used to install in my Mustang so it will save you from that hassle. I am asking for $195 + shipping -- SOLD -- Included: -11.25" Plane disc rotors (not vented) -3 calipers (2x BC39N and 1xBC38N) -Caliper brackets (CMB100) including spacers. -3 Rubber flex hoses: includes a shorter one to better fit the driver's side. -E-brake cables (EBCRD1 and EBCRD2): I ended up using the OEMs so these are new. -Original instruction packet, but you can print one from the web. Note that the packet in the picture says big bearing, but the kit is for small bearing. The instructions are the same. -2 sets of pads: the ones that came with the kit and a higher performance PowerStop set. -Miscellaneous hardware the comes with the kit plus some more: these include spacer bushings, bolts and washers. I used longer grade 8 bolts and washers to fit my kit. Here are pictures as it is ready to ship: Original instructions. The page says Big Bearing but the kit is for Small Bearing Mustangs like the 71-73 Ford 9" E-brake cables. I ended up using the ones in the car. These ones from the kit are not of the right length. Unused caliper and hose:
  9. Selling my 1971 CJR 429 Ram Air (J-code) Mustang Mach One (05) Automatic, A/C, power disc brakes, power steering. Car needs full restoration, but is very complete. Car had not run in many years, and I am slowly bringing it back to running and driving condition. Engine runs well, transmission was rebuilt by previous owner and it shifts good. Power disc brakes just repaired and also work well. Non original 1970 429 is installed with C-6 trans. Solid floors, frame rails are good, will need trunk floor and right rear trunk floor extension. Rust repair needed under battery tray on front right inner fender. Front fender, doors, rear end and driveshaft are from 1972 parts car. Rest of car is solid, not a very rusty car, good starting point for a restoration. New what is the formula for aluminum chloride Lots new parts: New hi performance cam and lifters New high volume oil pump New water pump New fan clutch New radiator New Autolite carb New fuel pump New fuel tank New fuel tank sender New high volume oil pump New brake master cylinder New brake booster New spark plugs New ignition wires New distributor cap and rotor New starter New hood front edge trim New Ram Air hood New pop-open gas cap New driver side outside door handle New engine oil and filter New trans fluid and filter, trans was rebuilt by prior owner New start switch New voltage regulator New electronic ignition distributor New high voltage ignition coil New head light switch New KYB shock absorbers New dash pad New carpet Car is in primer, pretty straight, looks presentable. Clear title. Was going to restore car but just too busy at work, and too many car projects! Will keep working on car as time permits, and will keep updating this ad. If not sold soon I will send the car in for paint and bodywork, probably in June. Car is located in Miami, FL. $20,000 obo Thanks, Fred, (AKA “Single Poster”), (AKA “Fading Poster).
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