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Haven’t seen any  thorough “How To” on putting the stripes on our cars so I figure I would do one while I did mine.  I hope this will help someone in the future.  They are not that hard to do.  Follow the directions that come with your stripes as far as what type of cleaner and application fluid to use.  I also don't have pictures of the Mach 1 decals since I haven't applied them yet.  Will update post later when I do. The stripes kit I installed is for a 71 Mach 1.  I read the instructions that came with them and found a couple of online video that show putting  stripes on but can’t say I agreed with on how they were doing it – using Windex to clean the body? To start get the needed tools and supplies together.  For the 3m stripes I...
This front "Mach 1 - type" bumper repair write-up got lost in a long thread that went about 4 different directions. So I thought I'd capture and repost (C9zx) Chuck's repair instructions: "... . I make no claim to be an expert at body work, or anything else for that matter. What I'm describing is the repair of relatively minor damage (no big chunks missing). The bumper must be sanded to bare urethane, DO NOT USE PAINT STRIPPER OF ANY KIND. I used a DA with 100 grit peel and stick, keep it moving. Do not linger in one spot too long. If you don't have a DA, use a 3M rubber sanding block. If you have long narrow cracks you will need to "Vee" them out (I used a Dremel tool with the miniature cut off wheel). Nicks and gouges need to be...