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Warning. Old cheap fart at it again... All the AC stuff was gone under the hood when I bought my 72 vert. For some reason they also removed the vacuum can for the heater control to work. I have been waiting for 2 guys that said they might have one, but it seems, guys don't want to sell the small stuff so they never got back to me. Of course, CJ Pony has a "plastic" replacement for the paltry sum of $112.00... UUUmmm NO! So, I stood under my shade tree thinking cheap thoughts, and it came to me... The vacuum can looks just like a canned food can, And the "idea came to me!" So off to the hardware store for brass fittings (prices through the roof) and 20.00 later, some JB Weld, a bit of spray paint, and an empty Hominy can later... (yes...
Guy's, I thought I would post up some pics & a how to build yourself a garage workshop on the cheap. This is how I did it & it's served me well for over 10 years ! I purchased (at the time it was cover it, now bought out by shelter logic) this 12 x 20 x 8 ROUND style portable garage from a shop who had never used it. Its the HEAVY DUTY 14.5 cover (Just now, 10 years old, started to show it's age with a few leaks & I'm replacing the skin this month) 2 key things the round style & 14.5oz skin. I do pull the snow off in the winter which is very important to do. I just checked & you can buy a brand new one same configuration for $849.00 + delivery. http://www.sheltersofnewengland.com/shelters_garages/12ft-wide_round.htm...
Something often overlooked during a build. But can be the death of a great machine. Here is a great article on fasteners. Worth a read. I know I learned alot. This is archived over at Pirate 4x4 a great sight with alot of knowledge. Originally Published in Xtreme Offroad Magazine Issue #1 Copyright 2005 – BillaVista Offroad Tech – All Rights Reserved http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/NutsandBolts/Nuts&Bolts_signed.pdf
Needed to replace the clutch pilot bushing in my 67. Previously I would drill a couple of small holes into the old bushing and thread some bolts into it and alternate a slide hammer back and forth to remove it. It was a lot of hassle in my opinion. I spoke with a couple of friends here in the mustang club and got a couple of suggestions. Axle grease packed into the hole Bread packed into the hole I thought the axle grease sounded to be a messy route and grease cost more than a loaf of bread. I took the inner portion of white bread slices. The crusts just seemed a little thicker than needed and the dog enjoyed the snack while in the garage with me. I took the inner portion and tore it into smaller pieces and stuffed them into the...
Thought you guys would like to see the stands I made to get the car at a comfortable level for doing the filler work on the lower half of the body..2x4's 16.5" long & deck screws..Now I can sit on a chair instead of laying on the ground..Plus makes it real easy to see...Need to finish the ones for the front.. These would great for lots of other tasks too..Not my idea these been around for a long time..One thing I did do is strap a tire to the stand for peace of mind
Guy's Here's how to make a super safe set of car ramps on the cheap 6--2x8x8 or 2x10x8 first one on the bottom is 6 feet long.....then each layer or step is 1 foot shorter...use deck screws to screw together..fast cheap & SAFE this is the second set I have made..They work great & you can even back up on them to work on the rear.

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