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1973 Mustang convertible 351-4V. trac-loc, staggered shocks, numbers matching motor, 4 speed top loader swap. Power windows, power top, A.C, AM/FM. it’s mostly an untouched car. Looks like a base model convertible but it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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Hi My name is Richard but mostly called Richie. I live in the foot hills of North Carolina. I own a 1972 Mach 1 T-5 351C CJ Q coded 4V Ram Air All Factory equipment. I bough this Mustang new through the Germany Dealer in 72 while station there in the military.When my tour was over I had the Army to ship it back home.The car has 149,000 miles.
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After a 100% restoring it has maybe500 miles. As a 72 I dough if there is another mustang with T-5 badge on each front finders.I know their is a T-5 73 model in Pa.
Dang was going to pm you about this but cant find that now. Anyways where is the site rules now? We seem to have a problem with sellers not posting prices and dont really care that our rules state that prices have to be posted.
I live in South Shore, KY. I just bought back the 72 Mach 1 Q code 351C automatic I had in high school. Looking for a carb (maybe a Holley) for better drivability. I have the original, but it does not run well - the car has set for too long.. Any recommendations or do you have anything for sale that would work?

Ken 740-352-7217