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Well I bought them some time back, but the thought of cutting holes in my hood kept me from getting to this project for some time. Well Sunday I decided that it was time to either do it right or mess it up. First I mounted the brackets. I removed the hood adjusters and the brackets installed in holes that ford equipped the car with. The kit did not include the hardware to mount these brackets, but thankfully I had plenty laying around. Install these brackets loosely as you will need to adjust them later. The bottom side of the hood has two circular cut outs of about 4 inches. From under the car I looked up with a flashlight and was able to see that the hood cut outs were located appropriately to the brackets. Using a 3" hole saw from...
Good morning Stang lovers….. seems to be a lot of knowledge on this site…..I’ve asked many around here….but haven’t gotten any definitive solution …my lacquer paint hair cracks in it….is there any paint correction I can do, or do I have to repaint ? thanks Brad
As I mentioned a week or two ago, a future project is to convert my hood latch to an interior release, and using the release lever in the grill for only releasing the secondary (safety) latch. Here is the draft of where I've gotten to on it, so you can see how relatively easy it will be to do. When I come up with a suitable release cable and can can fabricate the attachment for it I'll update this. Converting Hood Latch to Interior Release Draft.pdf
I finally bought the 71-72 grille, I had done som mods to my old 73 grille. But now I wanted the cool look of the 71-72 :-) I bought the 71-72 grille with lamps and trim, nothing else. Im still waiting for the Bezel for the lights. Ive allready have the 71-72 chrome bumper with correct brackets. The valance plate is 73 but I have put the 71-72 blinker lights in it. Mounting the grille, the holes lines up nearly perfect. I hade to move the driver side reflector housing just 3 mm. Then all holes lined up in the grille. Next the 71-72 has a big lip, I cut the down the lip and added a trim list so that it will match the bumper. Measure twice cut once. The locking mechanism, I cut the lever in to places and welded it so that it got bent...
Hi to all, To put or not to put a rear spoiler on the trunk of a '71-'73 Mustang Convertible. That is the question. Some guys like the look, others don't. I chose to go ahead with the project. I bought a fibreglass one because of less tendancy to bend, distort etc. They are heavy though. I heard plastic can play up in that regard. On the install, your two placement measurements are front/back and side/side.After much research, the proper favoured posi is having the back edge of the spoiler line up with the back edge of the trunk vertical edge. I have seen many variations with the front/back placement though. Remember, the fat, thick edge of the spoiler, faces towards the front of the car, while the thinner back edge faces towards...
Heres how to mount a front spoiler Enjoy !:D This is an oem 71-73 frt spoiler..& Those "pre-drilled" holes that the guy used in the grande link...Drain holes so water dosn't sit in the valance not spoiler mounting holes
I got my car about 7 years ago, and ever since I had a problem with water leaking through the dash on the passenger side. It turned out my upper cowl panel was rotted out around the heater box inlet. This is apparently a very common problem on the older mustangs, so check yours out. I bought a welder a few weeks before starting this project, and never welded in my life prior to this. If you take your time and care enough to do a good job, this project honestly isn't too bad; even with no experience. Don't be afraid to do this! I am a 23 year old college student with no experience with body work/ welding and pulled it off! edited to restore/add more pictures. I'll be 27 in May now :/ lol. How to identify a rotted lower cowl...

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