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I found this site that has a ton of information on Fords. Lots of basic technical shop training manuals. It takes some time to open each but I found some excellent info. It covers early years but also found info for 71 and 72. This site is great for folks that are just starting out. If this is a repeat my apologies.
I decided to go ahead and put an electric fuel pump in my gas tank.  I know this has been discussed on the site before but there hasn't been any write ups.   I figure I would post this in the How To section for those who might be considering doing it.   I will start with prepping the tank and then move to the needed wiring.   I found a couple of You Tube videos on doing our years cars and learned that the fuel pump and hanger assembly for an 85 to 93 Mustang will work.  After watching these videos and checking the specs one thing I noted was that these units are for fuel injection.   Since I have a carburetor I decided to piece mine together.  I do not plan on going to efi in the future.  If you do use one of the aftermarket ones for...