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    72 Grande Coupe Project

    Alright.  The time has come.  Our 72 coupe is a major project and pile of parts.  Like just about everybody, I had the best of intentions when I drove this car into my shop and tore it apart.  But unlike many of you, it simply stalled and now just occupies space.  Because other priorities have...
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    Finally completely painted!

    Sweet. Thanks for sharing. As Mark gives hope to those of us with skeletons.
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    Mustang giving you a migraine?

    Ya, not cool. Excedrin migraine is the only product that works for me. Don't need it regularly thank goodness, but when I do it's the only thing that works. Down to about half a small bottle. Hope this is all sorted out by fall.
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    Any members from Florida here?

    Hi, Luis - Glad to hear you found a car! As I recall, you had a guy lined up in New Port Richey. I'm in St. Pete, as you may recall. What scope of work are you looking for? Mark
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    351W EFI?

    My 2 cents - for that kind of money, I'd go to the 5.0 set up as others have suggested. Unless you're especially attached to your 351, or originality is critically important, I don't think there's enough bang for the buck in making that mod to the original motor.
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    2000 Mustang for sale

    Thanks. It's been 6 or 7 years since we bought the wheels and I only recall that we bought them from a California company online. They've held up very well.
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    2000 Mustang for sale

    Thanks, Mike. She'll make someone a nice driver.
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    2000 Mustang for sale

    Before we advertise the car locally, I thought I'd post it here to see if anyone may have interest or know of someone looking for a clean, economical, reliable Mustang. Our family has owned this 2000 coupe since new. It has 137k. Everything works as it should. It's a v6 auto. We added a GT...
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    New to forums and starting a project.

    ::welcome:: from Florida
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    72 H code Grande
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    Corvette party

    What an awesome neighborhood. Mopars around the corner?
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    Taking the plunge

    Looks like a great lake boat. Congrats, and enjoy, Roy.
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    GM plans to re-make.....

    A neighbor's Chevelle S/S was the first car I fell in love with, and they've had a special appeal for me ever since. I'd have no interest in a 'new' one, but finding and restoring a 70-72 big block is on my list after I finish the Mustang.
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    UPDATED 7/9/12 NEW PICS 1997 Jeep Wranlger I'm working on.

    Nice TJ project, Kevin. What's your plan for power? We've done a couple small block Chevy conversions in YJ's we've owned. Jeeps are a blast. Thanks for sharing.