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    Quarter Window Parts

    If shorter than the front they'll probably do.
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    Quarter Window Parts

    That'd be great, thanks! I'm looking for one of the stubby ones from the rear quarter of a convertible.
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    Quarter Window Parts

    Still got the quarter window crank handles? I need one . . .
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    My 73

    Fantastic job.
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    New Forum Software!!

    Agreed. I'd rather use a browser on responsive sites rather than install an app for each site.
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    Favorite Detailing Products

    Leather Honey for leather. Apply on a hot day. Let the car bake in the sun for a little bit with Leather Honey on the leather. Wipe off. Soft leather . . .
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    Antenna Block Plate?

    Cool, thanks!
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    Antenna Block Plate?

    My 1973 Vert has a normal whip antenna on the passenger side front. Are there any options to remove the antenna and block the hole? Or find a retractable option that retracts all the way?
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    Headers vs Manifolds

    Removing headers is not a big deal, honestly. You could break a bolt I suppose, but if you have headers, those bolts have been turned and are likely not rusted in.
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    HP Power Steering Hose Insulation Needed.

    Out of curiosity, what's the purpose of the insulation? My car doesn't have any, but it also doesn't route over the brace like yours does (which looks cool).
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    New speedo cable, speedometer jumpy…

    This happened to me on an F100 when the speedo cable had too sharp of a bend. Rerouted and it fixed it.
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    Front Coil Springs - too short for me

    I'll take these for shipping cost if no one else does.
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    HP Power Steering Hose Insulation Needed.

    I can't help with this, but fantastic looking engine bay!
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    Rebuilding stolen convertible

    So sorry to hear. I hope you find everything you need!
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    Living with Vette instead of Stang

    Hysterical! :)