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    R.I.P. Eddie Phillips (FastE)

    I talked to him a few times, he loved that car and was a legit gear head. My best wishes to those he leaves behind. Chuck
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    Engine bay paint.

    I used a lower sheen Semi-gloss epoxy. Worked well. Chuck
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    Horde old parts, or toss?

    I'd think the rear sway bar and hardware have some value asa package deal. If the U bolts are originals with flat spots at the bends they are worth keeping. The sheet metal clamps around the leaf springs were not available when I built my car, they may be now. If you are certain you are happy...
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    Soliciting input for clutch and pressure plate.

    I've used both types of pilot bushings. I went back to the old style "olive" bushing. Chuck
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    Time to restore

    450 2V flywheel HP can be done but takes some pro head porting and good cam and compression selection. The stock 2V heads stop flowing at .450 valve lift max. The early 1990s (92-93 IIRC) f-150 AODs had a more favorable gear set in them. The governor still limits shift points at WOT. If you are...
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    Trunk lid will not stay open

    Well, you could do what I have done on my 1969 eliminator since 1982, a length of 3/4 inch dowel rod wedged between the bottom half of the hinge and the truck floor. Paint it the right color and it isn't very noticeable. Chuck
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    Soliciting input for clutch and pressure plate.

    I prefer the original "long" style pressure plates for these cars. If you are looking for a quality stock replacement this RAM unit should work well. Chuck Borg Warner used to make a...
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    Lower Cowl Repair Question

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Not laughing about AMCs, they made some cool cars. There is another AMX fan on the site as well. Chuck
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    71 Coupe Carlsbad CA

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Chuck
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    Door alignment, which hinge to adjust

    if you have a floor jack this may help. Chuck...
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    Engine swap question

    Just to be clear they told you the cylinders were leaking 90% and not that the leakage was 10%. This may sound like a "Hail Mary" and it may be, but I've seen it work with reasonable success. Having sat for so long it could be rings stuck in the ring lands. Before you pull the heads, pull all...
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    Engine swap question

    +1 on what Don said. If they are competent, they should be able to tell you what is causing no compression. Assuming it is bad valve sealing could prove to be a mistake. Just my opinion. Chuck
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    Hemikiller's 71 Mach 1 upgrade thread

    The super turbos sound great to me. Chuck
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    New member from Tulsa Oklahoma

    Welcome from Mustang, Oklahoma. Chuck