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    New Member from Michigan

    Hello from another Michigander! Hope to see you around!
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    From Moscow with love!

    Congratulations on the purchase and welcome e to the website! Questions for you: how common are classic American cars in Russia and what do people think of them? I’ve seen Mustangs all over the world in my travels and it never ceases to amaze me where I find them.
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    1971 M-code 4 speed convertible project with Ram air on E bay

    This is such an awesome car and I’m so happy you’re taking on this project. Absolutely awesome!
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    Wanted- radiator support rod

    That’s exactly what I need.i’ll send you an IM
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    Winter project

    Making some progress. Need to re-route spark plug wires correctly and move the drivers side lift hook to the proper location.
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    Wanted- radiator support rod

    Would anyone happen to have one of these or know where I could get one?
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    1971-3 Miscellaneous Parts

    Sent you an IM and email,
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    Marti report

    Nice car and well optioned!
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    Grandé is gone, Mexican Sprint arrived...

    Congrats on finally getting one! Can you expand on what’s going on with the fold down seat as it looks like it doesn’t sit the same as the normal fold down. How is it being held up?
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    Wanted. White deluxe door panels and interior quarter panels for 1971 Mach 1

    Looking for a set of white deluxe door panels (for PO wer windows if I’m being picky but anything will work.) as well as white interior quarter panels for a 1971 without the seat belt cut outs. Let me know what you got!
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    Sound off if you have a 429 / 429 Mustang Roll Call

    That’s some serious get up and go! Welcome to the group!
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    71 J code Mecum Kissimmee FL 2022

    There was a lot wrong with the Boss 351 so that price was actually quite generous. Shocked by the amustang II number!
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    71 J code Mecum Kissimmee FL 2022

    I think that M code sale was even more significant as it’s showing the strength of the overall 71-73 Market. That price really surprised me and is impressive when you consider it was a mid week sale too,
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    71 J code Mecum Kissimmee FL 2022

    Actually it was a C code non ram-air car. Looked like a pretty nice car with a couple of minor issues but I thought it showed well. It was also a super cobra jet as well which is really rare combined with the C code. Seems like all 71-73 prices are on the rise!
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    Holley Sniper Info and Resources

    Love my Sniper and the drive ability that it’s provided. Loved it so much I bought another one for my 68.5 too!