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    RIBS replied to the thread Wrecked.
    Hagerty treated me very good. Most insurance allows immediate family, or “drivers with owners permission “. Some policy’s exclude...
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    RIBS reacted to Dadspony's post in the thread 71 parts car value with Like Like.
    It was a 302. Recovery wasn't easy so I gave it to him for $300. He also did me a favor and took another mustang to the crusher for me...
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    Not a fan of the super wide and jacked up look…but it’s not my car. If they fit in the wheel well I would say big thumbs up, rims are...
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    RIBS replied to the thread 71 parts car value.
    Grand coupes are the cheapest and least desirable . still as others mentioned, lots of good 1 year only parts there. The front bumper...
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    I have a new OEM chrome front hood lip. Problem is I am about to leave town for a week, and can’t deal with it right now. If you...
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    New valve covers..these are $100 Chinese cast aluminum. Ford 302. Best part, I had to buy GM grommets to fit the openings…took hours of...
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    Wow that’s a lot! Prayers for you and family!! It’s tough being a small business owner, true enthusiast will understand…..
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    RIBS replied to the thread Engine Block Number.
    If you have a 302, the VIN should be stamped on the top of the block, in the back, drivers side, facing up. Just behind intake. Look...
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    On my 71, the kit came with an lower block off plate to RTV and screw in from underside. That left a bowl up top to capture water...
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    RIBS replied to the thread Door glass adjustment.
    If you take the inner door panels off you can access the adjusters….there are forward backward, in out angle and tilt front back...
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    RIBS replied to the thread Radiators.
    I bought one of those $175 Chinese 3 core radiators from Amazon. My car is AC car, so I got a 26”. It cools great. The only problem...