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    Missing items and other bad customer service.

    Yeah, NPD is the way to go, along with several of the small vendors. Avoid CJPP.
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    FYI American Autowire sale..

    In my mail box today.
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    Found this weather seal placement amusing

    I think NPD has it, and pick up one tube of the 3 M weatherstripping adhesive too. Pretty easy to replace.
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Woodworking, carving and lathe work, I can’t cut a straight line! Also build some model cars now and then, like mountain hikes and views…have a 71 bow rider boat that’s been in the family since new, garage kept. Seriously thinking about a tow hitch for the Mustang…😁
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    RIBS 71 convertible build JUNE 21 till??

    Well, I fixed my Mach 1 grill mount issue, made my own bracket…. and a few dusk pictures for fun…the texture is bed liner spray…
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    Help with drivers door mirror!?

    Just a quick update. NPD has been very gracious and helpful. They found a company on the west coast, possibly the importer, that can rebuild the mirror for me. The Mirror is on a UPS a truck to Cali. I will update when something happens!
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    Need battery info!

    Ok thanks all. Getting a 24F 750cca $119. Seems reasonable for 3 year warranty.
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    Need battery info!

    The cold has driven the last nail in my batteries coffin. what’s the group size/cca. Type info I need? I don’t care about stock, concours etc…I just want it to fit and perform. 71 302 c4 convertible. aftermarket wiring harness 3 G alternator, probably 90+ amp rating…. Don’t wanna break the...
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    Help on insulation

    Maybe this helps?
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    Help with drivers door mirror!?

    I am using that mount point to keep the control cable there…problem is it’s 3 inches short, and blocks the window movement…
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    Help with drivers door mirror!?

    I bought this from NPD July 21, just got the paint done and the glass back in the door…I doubt they will do anything…but will ask…and I think it’s an APC product but not sure, it has no manufacturer info on the box, just NPD labels. What I really need is the manufacturer to press in new...
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    Help with drivers door mirror!?

    There is a precut hole for the adjuster in my $600+ door panel and a pre cut hole in the interior door shell no moving the location…
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    Help with drivers door mirror!?

    🤬This really makes me angry. $150 for this. 3 inches shorter than stock. It will never reach..I might as well get out the cutting pliers and hack the cable off.🤬
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    Edelbrock Carb Empties

    Mine did the same…rebuilt the carb, new fuel pump seems to of mostly solved the problem. I still smell a little gas up front, have no leaks, and have to pump the pedal while starting