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    72 production numbers

    According to Kevin Marti's book "Mustang by the numbers," there were 2,142 convertibles produced with factory (Integral) AC. In comparison, Dearborn built 34,252 coupes and 19,214 Sportsroof models with the AC option. The $367.59 price made AC one of the more expensive options in '72. A tinted...
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    Parts Wanted Want to buy 73 Rear Bumper bracket to body fastener kit

    Hello Steve, It goes without saying that all the Ford hardware is no longer available. The more robust '74/ Federal crash bumpers with the required isolators (Impact absorbers) made the traditional bumper arms and hardware obsolete. I would typically suggest Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply (OMS)...
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    Hello Kenny, You made a wise decision when you decided to join this group. I occasionally contribute on a few other forums and witness "Bashing" regularly! As Don C posted, that will never happen here.....well, except maybe for the Chevy engine thing! There are many knowledgeable people here...
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    Air conditioning

    Hello Retired2014, The york compressor on your '72 is the same model Ford has used since 1963. It continued to be production installed through the early '90s on the F600-900 truck series with integral (factory) air until the Sanden compressor was phased in. The 6-bolt model (R210-L) was used...
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    H78-14 space saver spare

    Hello JW, Your "ZB" wheel is the same as the "JL" rim, as discussed in the previous posts. This particular wheel has undergone several part number changes over the years, resulting in the different ID codes near the valve stem hole. The application for this space saver is Torino/Gran Torino, LTD...
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    Living with Vette instead of Stang

    Hello 1sostatic, Great to hear from you again and that you're having so much "fun" with your Vette. Regardless of what you own, you will always be a welcomed member here, and your VIP lounge status is still active. As will e posted, owning a Vette is just like a Kardashian. Very nice to look at...
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    71 mustang drivers side fresh air knob bolt kit Help !

    If there is a Lowes close by, you might try their hardware section and see if you have any better luck than at Home Depot. Your local hardware store could be another source you might also try. A local ACE hardware store has surprised me more than once when looking for hardware for some special...
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    Oil pressure sending unit

    I have an old Snap-On Tools wrench made for the can-type oil pressure sender I use, but not worth the trouble of tracking down for the occasional use. I've owned several 351C and 429-powered vehicles, so it has come in handy. Before I acquired the Snap-On tool, I usually had good luck using a...
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    Oil dipstick is always sticking out a bit

    You have received a lot of great suggestions already. I would, as already mentioned, check the PCV system closely. Starting with the PCV valve, the PCV hose from the valve to the rear of the carburetor and the hose from the oil cap on the rear of the right side valve cover, up to the crankcase...
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    Which distributor is correct for my Boss 351?

    Hello Geoff, I feel so bad for 71TexasBoss. Regardless of your income level, whether you own a stripped, no option six cyl car or a loaded Boss 351 or C-J code 429 vehicle, for someone to intentionally sell that @*&)% crap!!!! 🤬 Hard way for us to find out that we have finally been recognized...
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    Anybody got a picture of the “emergency brake warning Switch”

    The first illustration shows the two switch mounting holes. A #10-24 x 1" screw holds the switch in place. The second hole is for the locator/anti-rotation stud
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    Opinions on '72 6 cyl vert

    Hello MooseStang, I know you already have the L code production numbers you asked about, so consider this list of all '72 body styles with the 250 6cyl a little extra fluff. Trans code-------Coupe------Sportsroof------Vert---Total (1) 3 sp manual--2,924-------271--------------209---3,404...
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    Which distributor is correct for my Boss 351?

    Hello 71TexasBoss, I guess you could say the '71-3s have finally arrived. In the not-so-far past, fake/counterfeit parts such as carburetors, distributors, etc., were never a problem for the '71-73s. Everyone was so busy hating on the '71-3 Clydesdales, and Mustang II's that no one thought to...
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    Help with Center Bezel installation - 1972 Grande

    Hello Hscott, The four screws used to hold the 18842 radio bezel in place are #8-18 X 3/4" Ford called these Self-tapping, oval head, cross recessed, pointed screws. The Ford part # is 55934-S but unfortunately was discontinued years ago. AMK does have a version of these screws but has a $30.00...
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    Replacement Exhaust Tips with resonators

    Those are not production installed or Ford service part exhaust tips. Although I haven't seen any NOS versions for sale in quite some time, the last ones were in the $900.00 + range! The production installed and service chrome exhaust tips are left and right. They are made so the screw side of...