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    Question for those that installed ClassicAutoAir

    I routed compressor lines along the firewall and driver side. I routed the belts as described in the instructions, and have had no issues with the crank, water pomp, PS and AC on one belt. However, I am preparing to install the 3-groove crank pulley and stock AC idler brackets like Mister 4X4...
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    Resetting Turn-Signal Cancelling Cam

    I have a close-ratio steering box, and don't have this issue. I did have a new column harness plus made sure the steering wheel was set up exactly on center when I did the installation, but I'm not sure that's really the issue. Is the cam original?
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    Lower Windshield Bracket Stops for 71 Fastback

    Try They often have good used/original parts that can be tough to find, and hold stock for both Cougars and Mustangs from our era.
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    From Moscow with love!

    Welcome from Ohio - Nice car, I really like the 71-73 convertibles.
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    New guy from FL, hello…

    Welcome from Ohio - good lookin' car there.
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    Hello from SC

    Welcome from Marysville Ohio!
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    Oil leak

    Seeping from the valve covers is very common - I'd start there and make sure that you have a good seal up top (valve covers and oil sending unit, as well as the back of the intake). My experience is that valve covers - especially thin metal covers - often get over-tightened and fail to seal...
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    Which Mustang Suppliers?

    +2 on CJ Pony and parts availability - You have to look closely. If you do need to call them, be prepared for long hold times. Otherwise, not bad. I like NPD for the broad availability, and I have bought from Kentucky Mustang several times. I like Kentucky Mustang a lot - good prices and...
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    Intake / Valley Pan Leak

    What are the symptoms when hot? An oil leak from the manifold base would not necessarily have any effect on running at any temp (I am assuming you don't have a cracked intake and aren't leaking into the runners....?)
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    72 mach 1 on Ebay $59k...Too Wonky?

    I don't think 83 vettes had any kind of stickers.... at all.
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    Mary Death gets new paint

    Really sharp car - As I've said in other posts, while I like the stripes, I've really come to prefer the clean look. I like the choice of wheels/dishes too. I love "B" movies, now I have to find that one...
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    Going dead at 80 mph

    I agree with Geoff. I had what might be a similar problem a few years ago - see this thread: It was a hard fuel line that I accidentally pinched while doing a trans swap. At 3000 RPM it just cut off the fuel...
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    Ram air and distributor issues

    Hi - Looks like your questions kicked off a tangent, so not sure if you have the answers you need. Whether or not my response is useful depends on how much you want to maintain originality. To address question #2, In my 71 Mach 1, I have a 351c with ram air. I have a reproduction air cleaner on...
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    Rear window louvers

    I've been using the Astra-Hammond aluminum louvers for then last year and a half. They do NOT require drilling, they adhere to the window. They also stop short enough of the trunk that there is no interference or scratching the paint. Before installing I read complaints about rattling or noise...
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    Southern Ohio

    Welcome from Marysville Ohio - Where in Southern Ohio are you? I grew up around the Waverly/Chillicothe area.