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    Outrageous price for a 73 Tribute

    With those prices I wonder for how much an original Frank Cone model would sell! 🤣🤣
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    How to store a car properly over the winter!

    The only good thing about being divorced. …. 
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    How to store a car properly over the winter!

    Through the sliding glass doors behind it. Getting it inside was easy but it took some work to get it to the spot it’s in now. :)
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    How to store a car properly over the winter!

    A few of you might know that I recently purchased a vintage Fiat 500 and as I have more cars than room in the garage the question arose on how to store them over the winter.  Well, turn out that having a tiny little car like a Fiat 500 has a plus side.  The Cinquecento is the winner here...
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    50th anniversary

    So today is December 7th 2021 and this is the day when my vert is 50 years old.  It left the Dearborn plant on December 7th, 1971, the same year I was born.  Unfortunately these two old geezers couldn’t celebrate together as one of us is hibernating on the lift in my garage (no, it’s not me...
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    Just a peek

    Nice!! 🤩
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    Austin Vert Chooses a New Road for Tires.

    I've only got positive feedback on the Vitour Galaxys, especially when it comes to adherence in the rain.  I'll probably try them when my Coopers need replacing.  it's interesting to see that on yours the writing is on exactly opposing sides of the tire. All the pictures I found regarding tires...
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    Was there ever a Blue vinyl top available on Sprint Coupes?

    The title says it all. Coupes (and maybe Sportsroofs), not convertibles!  The question came up in a Facebook group and I thought if anybody knows the answer then it's gonna be one of you guys. :)
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    Grand Tour des Alpes 2021 - 2000 km in 9 days - a travel report.

    If there are plans for doing this again or something similar… if I may I’d really like to partake, seeing as I’m in Europe and my Mustang is used to long distance journeys. … 
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    Another Mach1

    Welcome from Luxembourg, Europe!   
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    Steering rack limiter?

    I did just that and it works like a charm. :) 
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    Steering rack limiter?

    I just checked. They are more or less 12 and 6 o'clock. Just a little off. 
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    Steering rack limiter?

    I need to check that. Currently my lift is engaged by a friend’s 49 Chevy truck. 
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    Steering rack limiter?

    Thanks. I'll give that a try. I thought there might exist some kind of Gadget that would do the job but I'll try this method you mentioned, thanks a lot!  A spacer is out of the question as there is a very tiny gap between the fender and the tire because of the lowered suspension.   
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    Steering rack limiter?

    Alignment is fine. I don't think the PS box has ever been rebuilt. It might be because of the 255 tires though but if I remember correctly it also did it with the 235 ones.....