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    Rear View camera

    I purchased, but hasn't been installed yet as restoration is still in progress Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror with 4.3” LCD Screen and Waterproof 170° Backup Camera Kit for $130. I chose a full hard wired system, rather than wireless signal driven, because when I've made that choice in...
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    2V or 4V

    So I'm gonna totally botch my attempt at regurgitating something my mechanic told me about my motor build. I have a 351C, with aluminum Edelbrock performer intake manifold and heads. The heads are 2V. The piston compression is 10:1 and its bored .30 over. It has a 4 barrel Demon Carb. Went...
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    Pics and diagrams

    Thank you very much
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    Pics and diagrams

    Thanks. Very clear.
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    Pics and diagrams

    Yes those are them. Thanks
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    Pics and diagrams

    These are great pics. Thanks
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    Pics and diagrams

    So if your vapor line is up the DS, are all three lines run up the DS (brake fuel vapor)? I though the Manuel showed Vapor on passenger but it was not a clear picture or maybe I miss read it
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    Pics and diagrams

    This is very helpful. I think I can follow this to copy it. I see the two are tight together and I see the vapor line end and rubber pick up. Little unclear near tank still if anyone else has the break or fuel line or tank hook up and body mount points. Thanks
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    Pics and diagrams

    I am working on the install of the fuel vapor lines, brake lines and fuel lines. I have the Manuel and the old lines to see two are together on one side and one alone on the others. The preformed lines are not quite painting a clear picture. Can you guys help out with pics or diagrams to help me...
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    1972 Ford Mustang Brand New Master Cylinder for sale

    I have this new Master cylinder I did not use, purchased through CJ Pony Parts. It did not come with a Proportioning Valve. It originates from a company called Master Power Brakes. I am having an issue with the return because I do not have the original Master Power Brake Box. I ended up...
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    Trunk drop offs both sides

    I ordered from CJ Pony and didn’t use them. They have surface rust so they will not return them. Looking to sell them for cost plus what ever the shipping is. Anyone need them?
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    Engine Mounts Nightmare

    I tried to do my research on the intake and believe it will clear with the ram air system so hopefully there won't be any adjustments needed there for me. I hope yours remains fine for you. Thanks