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    Trunk lid will not stay open

    We already had two trunk torsion rods when got our 73 Mach 1. During a deep restoration I opted to install a rear wing. I did move the ends of the torsion bars to their maximum torsional pressure setting using an adjusting tool from WCCC. BTW, the torsion rods for a 73 Cougar are the the same...
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    Starter relay wiring - Junction Block

    Here attached is a PDF file with some info you may find helpful. One file is for a 1969 Mustang. But in this area the circuitry between 1969 & 1971-1973 Starter Relay systems are very similar.
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    351 engine tear down

    I am certain the maker of the tings wants you do install and break the new rings in properly. I would reach out to them and get directions from them.
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    Air Conditioning & Heating Help

    For parts and questions about those old school oem A/C parts you may be needing, I would call Original Air (a division of Classic Air air conditioning solutions for vintage cars). Their web site is: I found my R-12 on ebay. For Classic Air their site is...
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    Horde old parts, or toss?

    Horde... I definitely horse. I know as soon as I discard any horded items I am soon after going to need them.
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    351 Cleveland harmonic balancer slipped photos

    Yikes! Those index markings definitely tell the story...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    We damn (ooops, I meant darn) near hit a fairly large deer the other day when we were driving our 73 Mach 1 to a shop to get the front end realigned. Why the alignment? The R/F outer wheel bearing failed, and chewed up the inside of the rotor/hub. No damage was dome to the body or wheel...
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    My 73

    I understand the sentiment thoroughly, heh heh... I am very proud of our little fleet of pony cars (also).
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    3-point conversion help.

    This is a very timely thread/ We have two 1973 Mustangs, one is a Mach 1, the other is a Convertible. Neither has a shoulder belt, which is how they came to us. In the vert I see nowhere in the convertible framing, or elsewhere, where a should belt would mount. With the kits I see in...
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    Tired motor

    With permission from Mustang Barn I consolidated their bevy of 67-72 vacuum schematic PDF files into a single PDF file with the schematics grouped and sorted by year and engine size. I have found their vacuum system to be of value. And, of course I make my consolidated PDF file available on a...
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    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    Lynda (wife) is a Mustang Chick/Shelby Chick/Car Girl, and can definitely drive a manual transmission vehicle. Her current vehicle with a manual tranny is a 1997 Honda Del Sol SI with just over 30,000 original miles on it. 5 speed manual tranny. And she drives it like a pro. Despite knowing...
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    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    Others have already said a lot of what I would have. No need for me to be repetitive. Ah, bull pucky! Yes, it is worthy of me being repetitive... Awesome job, clean, really cool looking... The work you have done is in a class of its own. You have much to be proud of...
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    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    I am glad you chose to use brass core plugs, not steel. They are a little more costly, but the result is well worth it. I applaud your wife for her suggestion to use a yellow lens to better see the coolant leak. That was clever. I also like how clean you have managed to get the engine...
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    Engine swap question

    You have already received some great advice, so I will try to avoid being repetitive. Will E is right on the money with his short list of things you would have to consider with an engine transplant. As far as the 390 being a dog of an engine, that is the reputation it has had for decades...
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    My 73

    That is a gorgeous Mustang! I am a fan of SportsRoof, (FastBack), HardTop (Coupe), and Convertible body styles. I note the rear wind is oriented correctly, with the thick edge being the elading edge despite the counter-intuitive design of the wingtips being swept in reverse of what would have...