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    Fix For Dim 71 to 73 Mustang Dash/Instrument Panel Lights

    I installed some RocketMan mini headlight relays on both of our 73 Mustangs, but not to increase the brightness of any lighting. Rather, I decided to install a set of Halogen bulbs to replace the oem sealed beam units. The Halogen bulbs use more current than the sealed beam bulbs, and I did...
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    Fix For Dim 71 to 73 Mustang Dash/Instrument Panel Lights

    Here is a snippet for 1973 Mustangs showing the circuits involved with the convertible top. I see no reference to a black wire with silver hash. The convertible top circuit (175) is black with yellow dot. Please not the schematic shows the fuse block incorrectly feeding the convertible top...
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    Headlight switch missing parts?

    This thread reminds me of a situation I plan to deal with next year when I pull the ponies out of Winter Hibernation. On our 73 Mach 1 the headlight switch know has its plastic "chrome" flecking off. I ordered a replacement knob, which came with the metal shaft. I try to pull the old knob and...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    3.25:1 is a decent street gear ratio that provides a nice low end performance without compromising upper speed performance too badly. The 3.5:1 TractionLok gears in our moderately built 73 Mach 1 are about as low as I would go with without an OverDrive tranny. By sappingin an AOD that 73 Mach...
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    71 Mach 1 Resto project

    First of all, it is nice to see a rear wing oriented correctly. So often I see them mounted with the thinner trailing edge facing forward, not rearward. I thing the confusion is due to how the wingtips are swept in a visually illogical direction. About half of the wings I see on the 71-73...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome, and congrats on you getting the 71 Mustang. Many folks would tell you the 71 is a better vehicle as compared to a 72, much less a 73. I am not sure I would agree other than the more powerful engines in 1971 (Boss 351, for instance). The core vehicles between the 3 years are all...
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    Location of ballast resistor to the coil? Somewhere under the dash

    Per HemiKiller and 70CobraSCJ posts above, you should have a Red with Yellow Hash wire (Circuit # 640) that powers the Throttle Position Solenoid (TPS). If your vehicle has no TPS the connector for it ought to still be there, and you just use it to provide full battery voltage to your ignition...
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    If I get bored being retired I will likely look for a job as a parts runner, or transporting cars for car dealers. Easy enough to do. No heavy lifting. No being stuck in an office... GPS makes it easier than ever.
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    Cops on the Highway!

    Any time we take one of our Mustangs or Shelbys out we have to completely change how we drive. We go into Ultra-Defensive Mode, as so many folks become way too distracted with they see either 73 Mustang, much less the 69 Shelby GT500. I see so much really unusual stuff. Folks jump out in...
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    LOOOOONG overdue intro from 71 Mach 1 owner

    Your Mustang sounds like it is going to be a blast to run, as well as tinker with, work on, enhance... I look forward to hearing more, with photos, as you keep moving things forward.
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    Cops on the Highway!

    An aside, being much older (and presumably wiser) now, I would likely opt to get off the highway, get a bite to eat, then get back on just to let "the threat" get well ahead of me. I typically (now) drive no faster than a posted limit. I have found over the years that things are calmer when I...
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    Cops on the Highway!

    I have passed police cars when I an absolutely certain I am not exceeding the speed limit, or safe driving conditions. I never worried about getting a ticket for doing so, as back then I had a CA driver license, and the car was in a relative's name who lived out of state (this was in PA). Back...
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    1972 Mach 1 H code Prior owner restoration that need help.

    I saw a post in this thread re: using Cougar taillights and sequential flashing. Not a bad way to go, but it may be a bit more than an "all you have to do is" project. Anyway, if the idea of brighter taillights, and sequential flashing, interest you, my suggestion is you use LED panels from...
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    72' Rag joint replacement inquiry

    I purchased a tilt steering column from a 71 Cougar for our 73 Mach 1. I have not swapped it in yet, as I found in researching the rag joint for a P/S non-tilt column is not the same as for a 73 with a tilt column. Finally WCCC got one in, used. I do not see them anywhere new. The used one...
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    73 Brake Jam

    Even a blind squirrel gets lucky and finds a nut once in a while, eh? heh heh... Seriously, I am glad you were able to determine the caliper ws the problem. But, I am also sorry you ran into that problem, especially with a new/rebuilt caliper. I hope the seller of the caliper treated you...