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    Findings in my Oil-Pan

    That is correct, no need to use the high volume pump. Other than all out racing there is no need for it in the Cleveland and it is hard n the pump drive shaft. Good luck!!
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    turn signal change

    I just used some Di-electric grease sparingly on the plate/contact side. Been working great.
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    Spark gap with Pertronix ll

    I tried an .040 gap after P2 install and my car actually ran worse. Been at .035 ever since. Good luck!!
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Finally got my 73 spreadbore finished, even had it machined for direct mount for a Holley 750, needed clearance for linkage. I think it will work great!! I'll keep you posted!!
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    351C Distributor question

    Either older duraspark unit with small cap, or original dizzy with Pertronix 2 unit is working for me. No issues in over 5 years.
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    Rear windshield question

    I ran into this as well, the cheap ones from most big box Mustang catalogs are cheap knock offs that are way too stiff. I think I found some good ones at a local Auto Parts store. Or, I might have just ordered different ones from a different supplier. I can't remember. Just order from a couple...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Looks like I may have to modify a spreadbore intake like the Boss one that you did. I have a spreadbore intake, I tried to buy an "L" intake off Ebay, but it was cracked when I got it and I had to ship it back. Not sure if I want to keep cycling through them until I get a good one. Everybody...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Thank you for the very precise info. I will just stick with the 4 holes then. Thank You!!
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    I have run the Edelbrock performer on a few different engines and while it's bottom end is good, it dies at just over 5000 in my experience. Now mind you, the cams I ran may have impacted that as well. My other issue with the Eddie intake is that it has always bothered me that there is such a...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Thank You for your interest boilermaster. My plans have changed a bit since first starting this thread, and I guess that looks confusing. I have decided to do a more (stock) geared build as I don't really want to change any transmissions and I would like to keep a fairly strong vacuum signal. So...
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    subframe connectors and speed humps

    I have Global West SF connectors and have had no issues.
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    I do have a machinist friend, I will show him this post and see if he can help with it. I will keep you posted. Thank You!
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    Oddball connecting rod

    Thats a good idea Don, I will do that! Thanks!!
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    Painting new fuel tank?

    I once stopped a pair of women from jacking their car up on an incline without stands, with a cheap Walmart hydraulic jack, and they were going to jack the car up by the bottom of the fender. I feel like I saved a life that day!!
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    Oddball connecting rod

    I have inherited a set of 8 pistons and connecting rods for a 351C. I was looking through them yesterday and found that I have 2 number 8 connecting rods. Not sure how this happened, but here is my question. If I am having them all reconditioned can I run one of them in the missing number 7...