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    2022 T-Shirt - CLOSED!

    Got my notification today. Thanks again for all your effort.
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    2022 T-Shirt - CLOSED!

    Thanks for all your work.
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    Mach I Pony Ed

    Welcome from Connecticut. Never can see to many pictures of Stangs.
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    2022 T-Shirt - CLOSED!

    RocketFoot great job!!!! You can now charge $49.95 to give us a report of how rare our Tee's are . example #58 of 100.
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    2022 T-Shirt - CLOSED!

    Just think how warm you will be this winter wearing great looking sweatshirt
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    2022 T-Shirt - CLOSED!

    Would make a great Christmas gift.
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    what is a good upholstry?

    Just used TMI for 65 bench seat coupe, Great Product.
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    Is it only me? New parts that are defective right out of the box.

    Tipped over the edge. The brand new tire and rim package for my 65 arrived today, paid for mounted and balanced guess what not balanced. was told that they were mounted and balanced when they left shipping. Last week installed a brand new fuel pump "name brand" guess what , didn't work ...
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    2022 T-Shirt - CLOSED!

    Easier than choosing a Mustang over a Camaro.
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    2022 T-Shirt - CLOSED!

    Just placed a order for 1 of each style. Great forum and worth getting the word out.
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    7173 T-Shirt Pre-Order Info

    couple of XXL shirts
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    New to me 1972 Mustang convertible

    Very cool car. I could not open your first post. Noting better than Vert in the Fall.
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    7173 T-Shirt Pre-Order Info

    Put me down for 2XL Grey.
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    Hood air scopes

    A quick photo for reference.
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    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome from yet another Connecticut guy.