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    • RD-72
      RD-72 replied to the thread Ride height difference Pass/Driver.
      Not sure about the answer to your question, but my drivers side ride level is lower than the passenger side, but I thought that was...
    • RD-72
      My guess is the nuts for the trim on the front of the hood? Hard to tell from the picts on how big they are…
    • RD-72
      RD-72 replied to the thread Volt Guage.
      My understanding is that that what you refer to as a volt meter is actually an alt meter from the factory…most of those were unreliable...
    • RD-72
      If I remember it correctly, for my car (non air), I had to detach the connections behind what you refer to as the control box. It just...
    • RD-72
      RD-72 replied to the thread Dealer emblems.
      I ended up really lucky … The dealership that originally sold my car is still in business… and about 150 miles away. The body shop broke...
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    • RD-72
      RD-72 replied to the thread Parts Wanted Dash tach.
      As an option, you can send your broken stock tach to rocket man classic cougar, (site supporter) to have the guts replaced with modern...
    • RD-72
      My 72 came with white floor mats ( I replaced mine with blue repops a couple years ago). I agree with others that the white ones really...
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