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    Convert gauge cluster to aftermarket gauges?

    If you do a search there are several threads on this subject. Here's one.
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    Engine swap question

    If you end up having to do an engine rebuild, instead of spending all the money transplanting a used 390, or worrying about sleeving your block, why not consider buying a different 351C block, building that, and saving your numbers matching block in a corner of the garage?
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    I’m sorry. I’ve strayed.

    Nothing wrong with keeping a "family" car in the family. Shows respect.
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    How not to move your vehicle

    I believe it. That's only a couple hundred miles from me. I went to high school with people that would have tried that. Steve
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    A quick feel good acknowledgment…..

    Those blue plastic wire taps cut through the wire insulation to contact the copper wire. I hate seeing those things. I would put a thin coat of RTV where the tap was to keep water out of the spot so the copper doesn't corrode.
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    SOLD 1971 Mustang Refurbished Wide Ratio 4-Speed Toploader Transmission

    Is the tag still on it and what is the serial number, in case it's someone's missing transmission?
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    I finally found my home!

    Welcome from N Idaho again.
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    72 Mach 1 vs tree

    Best wishes for their speedy recovery.
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    SOLD Autolite D1ZF-ZA Clone Carburetor

    It looks like it has the large fuel filter.
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    From Moscow with love!

    Another welcome from north Idaho. I bet that car really stands out where you're at.
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    New fron Tigard Oregon

    Welcome from north Idaho. I used to live in Cedar Mill, north of Beaverton, until 1991.
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    Just dumb luck or divine intervention by the Mustang Gods

    Vandalizing someone's car just seems like a sure way to have Karma reach up and smack you alongside the head.
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    351C-2V inner heat shield

    Inner piece for the passenger side air cleaner "heater" for a Ford 351C 2V exhaust manifold. Some light texturing on the upper surfaces but no rust through. It's been bead blasted and repainted with high temp engine heat, Ford blue of course. $20 plus shipping.
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    Mach 1

    "Mach 1" convertibles are nothing new. I saw a few back in the late '70's, and even recall one guy swearing it was original. If we were to be honest, Mach 1 was an appearance package and except for the "05" in the VIN, you could get everything on a coupe or convertible. I love the Mach 1. I've...