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    Oil pressure sending unit

    When I was replacing the sending unit a few years ago, I had the same issue and I spent a looong time searching for something that would work. A 9/16" was needed but just needed to be a little longer than a normal socket. This appears to be a homemade socket that I found on ebay, most likely...
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    Anybody know what this is?

    So, that small hose he is holding gets connected to the smaller nipple on the right. The bigger connection on the left gets a black corrugated hose that also connects to the air cleaner.
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    Spare tire and wheel

    Is F60-15 your tire size? Since finding any polyglas tires that size is difficult the equivalent radial is 235/60 - 15 that you could use in an 'emergency' if mixing radial and bias ply doesnt bother you for short use. You just need to buy a 15" Ford rim. That size radial is also very hard to...
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    NSS related question

    The one for the 72 has 2 connectors. So, just dont connect one although the connectors look different? Here is one for a Bronco C6 where the connector looks like the one I have. The squarish 4 pin connector. Would that work? I remember reading on here or another mustang site where someone was...
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    Any body know if theirs a replacement

    I know what you mean. But, you can reach underneath the brace to change plugs. Its tight but possible. Your hands may get scraped from the master cylinder in the process but not to bad. Other than that, you can remove the left bolt at the firewall and the nuts at the shock tower and then pivot...
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    NSS related question

    Well when I'm looking at the drivers side of my C6 351c, it appears to be mounted in that location. Were some mounted at the trans as opposed to the console? And back to my original question, which one should I use?
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    NSS related question

    Do they sell a neutral safety switch specifically for the 71 C6 trans? I see them listed for 72, 73 or C6 for some other vehicle i.e. bronco. Can these be used? Mine has one cable with a 4 connector end.
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    Sequential tail lights?

    Here is a good youtube that compares the Vintage to the EasyPerformance lights. Scott Drake ones... ummm Probably not.
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    Original replacement shock absorbers

    Are the measurements of the ebay one the same as the picture in the manual? Is your sway bar original or aftermarket?
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    Interior painting

    As suggested a couple of posts above, you may want to try an automotive paint store. Take the quarter panel in or something with the paint you are trying to match and have them match it with a custom mix. I wanted to do a couple of engine touchup spots but wasnt having any success with the...
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    Noisy 351 Cleveland

    Sounds timing related, so check your timing. See what the initial timing is set for after removing and plugging vacuum advance line. Maybe set it for 6 - 10 BTDC. Then see when the mechanical advance kicks in and when and what the timing maxes out as.
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    Return radiator hose collapse

    Doesnt sound normal. I have read from other sites that it can be caused by a radiator cap issue. Try a new cap.
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    Power Steering Gear Box

    A few of us have used the following with satisfactory results:
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    power steering noise

    A few of us have used for pump and steering box rebuilds with good luck. Dont know if he was the one you used but he seemed good so hopefully it wasnt him. Always good to know bad vs good companies to deal with.
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    72 mach 1 on Ebay $59k...Too Wonky?

    At least all 4 tires match!