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Want to THANK "hemikiller" for YEARS of help !!!

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HI   (this is my 3rd try at posting this).......


After losing TDC , while oil priming my Boss 351 motor (fresh start up)  I searched the internet and found an OLD POST on VMF (over 10 years ago) that  Hemikiller (glad we keep our monikers) posted on a similar subject.  


Rather then take the valve cover off, found TDC back up to 8 Below and dropped the dual point in.   Nailed it to fire, as I didn't want to crank too long.  Broke in cam, changing filter now.   Have added antifreeze and now have a VERY SHORT list before the Boss nationals!!!


Again, so SO many have been helpful for years!   I found this forum late, as I was buried in FE's and SVO's.


Mark Haas

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