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1973 302 horsepower drop


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Hi All,


Have been lurking here for a while, my first post. I just found a 1973 convertible (1 owner!) with a 302 that has been sitting in a garage for 25+ years. With the corona thing going on the lady said I should wait until that settles down before I haul it home. I see that the horsepower dropped to 140 for the 1973 model year. What did Ford change, and what would I need to do to get it back to the 71/72 power levels?




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Part of the change is simply how they rated the horsepower. 71 - 72 was without any accessories and was more. On the 302 I am not up to speed on the changes. 351 was compression and valve size. 

Now you need to go do a formal introduction so everyone knows about you. 

Welcome to the forum.

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Big change in the rating was going from Gross to Net.




Thanks, the link you provided was very useful!



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