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Vehicles For Sale 1973 Mustang Grande w/351 Cleveland 4bbl up for sale


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Aug 18, 2023
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Merritt island FL
My Car
1973 Ford Mustang coupr
drivers side view.jpgDriver's side view.jpgfront drivers view.jpgFront seats.jpgPass door panel.jpgPass side view.jpgtrunk view.jpgengine compartment.jpgvalve cover off.jpg
Hi fellow Pony lovers!
I am listing this Mustang for a very close friend here in Florida who recently was diagnosed with lung cancer (never smoked!) and wants me to help his soon to be widow thin out the herd. He has maybe 1 month to live and has owned this car for 20 years and now that it's 95% finished he hasn't driven it (nor can he) since a bottom up restoration was done over the past 10 years.
First the goodies- 1970 351 Cleveland built by speed shop in Maryland about 10 years ago and has maybe 50 road miles on it. Has a Holley 650 4bbl on aluminum intake with headers and 2 1/2" exhaust (3 years old). Backed up with C6 also built by the same shop.
All new interior- seats, carpet, dash pad, door panels, all window rubber seals as well as trunk seal and rear window gasket. All exterior trim is new as is the windshield and new vinyl roof. The suspension has been gone thru by our local Alignment shop (Ramsey's near KSC) and they replaced rear springs and all rubber bushings plus new ball joints.
All new tires mounted on Mustang alloy rims. Even a new radio antenna. Also a chin spoiler was added.
Minor bad things- AC there but no hoses (after building a race prep engine the thought of dragging a few HP with AC did not appeal to him.
I purchased the internal horn assembly on the steering column but no horn (Fuse? 77 years old and climbing under the dash is not for me)
There are a few paint issues- reshot scratched and clear coated but not feathered right. Good from 10 ft.
Anyway, I wanted to ask the forum about what they thought a fair price would be for this car. I'm thinking $16-17K- I know he has over $5K in the motor and trans work.

I've attached a few pix and a video so I hope to get some feedback from our forum. Apparently, the video is too large for the server. Email me and I will see if I can send it to those interested directly.

This is my first posting of something for sale on this site so bear with me if I have made some mistakes- no harm meant.

I will also be posting my 73 Mustang coupe with Fox 302 and C6 later this year. Fighting with Florida to obtain a title- original owner passed away and his family couldn't find the title. I tried surety bond but in FL that is no good on cars older than 29 years!

The last pix of the Grabber Blue is my 73 Coupe that I will be selling as soon as I get a title. Like Joe's everything is new. 302 with C6.

Drivers rear side view.jpg

Merritt Island FL


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