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Motorcraft Regulator "looking for spare part"

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Hello Guys,


i´m need a new Regulator for a 73ér.


Old Regulator is Motorcraft D3 AF 10316 AA NEG


Fits a new Part with D3 TF 10316 AA NEG ? ? ? ?

Link to Ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/1973-Ford-Mustang-Spannung-Regler-55AMP-Alternator/153862553484?hash=item23d2ec3f8c:g:l-IAAOSwOMdZTYM-


What is the difference between the two components, here AF and TF ?


Thanks for your Help


Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany




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I like to stay with mustang suppliers for parts even though things can be found probably cheaper from other vendors.


I've bought parts from VCM in the past so here is the voltage regulator, made in the US and all electronic:




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Hello Duck,

The color of the cover, ink stamping,  and "AF, TF" all had a meaning. Ford used the blue cover for 1968/ applications. The silver ink stamping was used on AF  covers to indicate a non-AC car with an alternator in the 38-42 AMP range. The yellow ink stamping on  TF covers indicated an AC car with an alternator in the 45-65 Amp range (or higher with the large case alternator 70-100A). The biggest concern with the regulators on the market now is to make sure that you purchase one that has the electronic internals. The original "Concours Correct" regulators with the proper blue cover were absolute JUNK!  They either would not work out of the box or quit shortly after installation. If they did still work after a short period of time, you could count on the old style points to stick and boil acid over all your underhood components.

Mustang parts sources such as Virginia Classic Mustang, NPD offer the regulators with the correct covers and electronic internals. Don @ Ohio Mustang  Supply offers the regulators but you would need to check with them to make sure these are the new electronic internals version. (I'm pretty sure Don doesn't offer the JUNK versions). If not concerned about the Concours look, you can use the Ford electronic regulator FOPZ-10316-A (Motorcraft GR-540-B). Before the new style regulators with the electronic internals were available, the Motorcraft part was being used with a period-correct cover from Virginia Classic Mustang.

If you do decide to use the E-Bay part you posted, contact the seller to make sure it is the new style with the electronic internals. If they cannot answer, then stay away.

As far as using the AF or TF version on your car, since all reputable quality versions on the market use the same electronic internals, it's just a matter of choosing the one with the proper marking for your vehicle.   :)



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