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Material / source for D1ZB-17A475 Seal - W/S. Wiper pivot shaft to cowl top?

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Anyone have an idea what material to use for a D1ZB-17A475 Seal - W/S. Wiper pivot shaft to cowl top?

I pulled my car apart long enough ago that I have no clue what was used.  I pulled apart the wiper assembly on my parts car today and the seal seemed to be some sort of rubber / butyl impregnated fabric reinforced stuff.

I have not found a source for precut 71-73 seals, but if you know of one please let me know.  Also curious what the original material was in case I need to go DIY and cut my own.


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I just took my wiper motor apart and cleaned and put in new grease, Lucas Red N Tacky #2. I seem t remember it being rubber. I will look today I got the motor back together and wrapped it up and put if my finished parts.

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