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  • Picked up my 1968 mustang GT 302 4v 4 speed from the paint shop. A  Promised 3-4 month job turned into 9 plus months. Going to take it for a drive tonight.

    My deceased wife picked the color which is Candy Brandy Wine. Stop at Sonic and get a ice cream cone. 

    Not a very good pic but here it is.

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    Spike Morelli
    Hey Machattack!  I'm here in Boise, on Stillwater drive, off of Cloverdale, a few blocks before Fairview. Phone is 208-579-8628. Talk soon.     Spike

    P.S.  I guess it's been a while, I hadn't known about your wife. My deepest condolences, hope you are good.

    Howdy there. 

    Thank you for recognizing my wife's passing. Still very hard for me. She passed away in my arms on 4-20-21 at 7;20 pm.

    Im hoping to go to the show on Saturday. Wanted to bring my 68 coupe but with the paint only a few days old might get banged up parking to close to each other. 

    Going fishing tomorrow at C.J strike. Been going there for 30 years.  Taking my boat. 

    My cell #  208-515-6012 text any time. 

    I dont live to far from you. Ustick and maple grove. 

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