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    • DSwan
      DSwan reacted to Sheriff41's post in the thread Lost on carb choices. with Like Like.
      As far as looks go, an Edelbrock looks right at home on a Mopar. I've had more problems with Edelbrock carbs than I ever had with...
    • DSwan
      DSwan reacted to jscott's post in the thread 1950's Ameeerica ... why so appealing? with Like Like.
      Men were men, women were women. We did not need helmets when we rode our bicycles. Hand sanitizer did not exist. The only thing...
    • DSwan
      DSwan reacted to Marks1's post in the thread I've just been told... with Like Like.
      Oh my God you guys, "Really!!" on the Duke boys having their hands all over their sister??!! That's just about as cliché as it gets. I...
    • DSwan
      DSwan reacted to mrgmhale's post in the thread 351C Timing: Initial, Curve and Total with Like Like.
      Re: the tendency of an engine to "run on" (aka "dieseling") after the ignition is turn off (mentioned in one of the posts above), this...
    • DSwan
      DSwan reacted to Sheriff41's post in the thread CJ or 4V with Like Like.
      As to the negative feedback on your CJ decal, tell them to go pound sand. It's your car and you should configure it the way that you...
    • DSwan
      DSwan reacted to basstrix's post in the thread Raising rates... with Like Like.
      No doubt that costs have gone up, substantially. I'm surprised you've managed this long without an increase. I've done business with...
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