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    It Started

    Installed a new fuel tank kit and radiator. Mechanic didn’t have any trouble with the fit. New fuel lines are next.
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    It Started

    We got my 72 convertible started after 30 years. It only took a new battery, coil and a little gas in the carburetor. The next step is to replace the gas tank and lines as well as the radiator which shows signs of leakage and corrosion. I hope to include pictures of my progress. This is a great...
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    Hello all, I got my dream car

    Welcome from Ohio.
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    72 vert finally done

    Great work. Gives me some inspiration working on mine. Hank
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    Southern Ohio

    My project begins. First step is to get it running.
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    Southern Ohio

    I am in Portsmouth, Ohio.
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    Southern Ohio

    I have been watching this site for awhile trying to get the motivation to restore my 1972 Mustang convertible. My parents bought it new and I have had it since 1979. I drove it during my college days and was lucky to escape a theft attempt in the early 80’s. I last drove it in parades in 1991...