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    R.I.P. Eddie Phillips (FastE)

    Rest in peace Fast E ...........thank you for all your contributions over the years. My wife Sally passed 14 months ago from Multi Myeloma. I can honestly say it takes a BIG fighter to live every day with this horrible cancer. Bless you Eddie, and GOD speed!!
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    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    Hum, this is serious trouble lurking guys. Careful :)
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    New speedo cable, speedometer jumpy…

    Don C walked me through this scenario once. I used his recommended Graphite grease/oil. My speedo is incredibly smooth running even after 5 k miles.
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    Ford unlocks its vault

    Thought I would share this for all to read.
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    Thank you

    Its not the forum that makes it GREAT, its the members! 14 months ago I lost my wife. These folks helped me through that dark time. Better than any brain shrink could. My sincere THANKS to all members for all you do!
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    Can springs be removed with fenders in place?

    Just a chime in. Probably should use a cold cut not hot. Use a regular cut off or a diamond cut off wheel. But run water over it while cutting to cool the spring steel. You might get to much drop if you heat it up to much. as you will lose the temper.
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    Mustang tail lights

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    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    Hahaha.......heck that was easy. Thank you :)
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    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    SORRY .....Yes, I meant Growling. Sadly I cant find a place to fix that Boo Boo
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    My Prayer is with you ! 13 months ago I was in the same type situation with my beloved wife of 38 years. Our 2 mustangs turned out to be the comfort I needed to make it through. Also folks from this forum!! I drive her car everyday to remind me of Mustang Sally, feels like she is right beside...
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    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    If first and foremost they had charging stations across the USA so it didnt take 2 weeks to go across america then MAYBE? but not because the government shoved it down my throat. And then,maybe then? if they could make it smell like a gas guzzling muscle car and a tape recording that sounds like...
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    Opinions on '72 6 cyl vert

    Did not know there was a Marti book? Sorry to get off topic :-( but how do you get one of those? Also ran into Spike today, checked out his mach 1.......looks awesome! Back to topic........sorry.
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    For anyone interested in a beautiful 1 of 10 continuation Shelby cars, follow the link!

    For anyone interested in a beautiful 1 of 10 continuation Shelby cars, follow the link! 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake - Trucks & Auto Auctions (
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    28 or 31 spline

    Thats a GREAT article. I learned more from this than any past experiences. Thanks Don for digging that up for us!
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    Help needed with more problems!!

    Ahhh Man, that would be awful. But it wont really hurt the engine. Drain it out. start with new fuel. Should be able to just smell the fuel and get that hint of diesel fuel smell. Or feel it to see if its got that oily texture. Most certainly would burn weirdly with grey to black smoke. I...