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    dropping in new engine

    I like the idea of getting the engine mostly in with the headers in the engine compartment and then attaching the headers before doing a final seating of the engine.
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    R.I.P. Eddie Phillips (FastE)

    Rest in peace buddy.
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    Horde old parts, or toss?

    I pity the person who has to clear out my attic.
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    71 Coupe Carlsbad CA

    Welcome from Phoenix. Body shops are notorious for taking a long time! Looking forward to the pics!
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I like that look. I did the same with my convertible.
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    71 Mach1 for sale 25K

    I think he means look around on the board to get an idea of the current pictures.
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    Tired motor

    Post up a new video of it idling too. While you have the valve covers off, spin the engine to TDC on the crank pully, look at cyl #1 valves to determine if either is compressed. If either is compressed, rotate the crank 360 degrees back to TDC. Confirm the orientation of your rotor that it...
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    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    Probably less than half. But that is universally true.
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    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    It's very nice. Obviously 'nicest' is subjective. For a resto mod it is certainly well put together. I think it's pretty cool that she basically spared no expense.
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    Engine swap question

    I am also in Phoenix. I know a guy who is very familiar with our Clevelands. He rebuilt mine and then sleeved it for me when I messed up and dropped a nut into the intake. He's machine shop only, I don't think he does removals and installations. PM me if you want his info.
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    Engine swap question

    Lots of little things to deal with when swapping. You mentioned the transmission bell housing. Other stuff to deal with off the top of my head. Linkage, motor mounts, exhaust routing, cooling, suspension (heavier engine), electrical, emissions, accessories (AC/power steering/alternator)...
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    New member in Virginia

    Welcome from Phoenix. The car doesn't look like it needs much in the way to body paint. What are the plans?
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    Hello from South Florida!

    Nice ride for tooling around South Florida. I am really starting to like our cars painted black.
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    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Well that's good news. I figured you'd go with white, which would kind of clash with the green/brown and black would have been too dark. I think it turned out great!
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    Hand brake?

    You might consider converting to electric parking brake. Probably pull the necessary stuff from many of the newer cars that now have these.