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I really appreciate the support, thank you all!!!

Chris! The muskie was caught last June in the Detroit river on the Canadian side.I'll be heading back this June.
Thank you both from Texas!

Tpj, I agree and have no problem with putting a 4V sticker on a H code car if that's what it has. I was able to purchase the 4V heads, we'll see. Btw beautiful job you've done with your car! I'll check out the A-Team.

Chuck, I've seen your writings and I've been paying close attention. Thank you!

TM, Madison? We spend a lot of time there chasing your fish. A good friend once said, "Fish the lakes where the politicians live, they stock their lakes first", lol!

Ohio, my wife was born in Portsmout and "we" haha are big Buckeye fans. Thanks!

Mr. McMahan, I wish the cars in the midwest were in half the condition your cars are. Lots of work ahead.

And thank you Fla. as well!

Pic of my youngest of 4 boys helping pull the engine and trans.
That last thing we have in common, I have four boys also and three out of four help me in the garage from time to time. The oldest only knows where the gas goes and actually I believe would prefer to not know that much about cars.:D


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Thanks again to everyone for the very warm welcome!
Mr. Hale thanks, It'll take some time to go through the information you posted but I'm sure it'll come in very handy, thanks!

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