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Aug 7, 2023
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1971 Mach 1
Hi guys,

I just recently decided to review and change some bulbs/sockets in my dash since some of them stopped working.
I used to have LEDs there and I mounted them back (with few new ones, but the same brand), they are working fine even with dimmer.

The thing I just observerd, and to be honest I have no idea if it used to be the same way before I started to work on that, is the fact that whenever I'm turning the lighs off with the switch, the LEDs in dash of indicators flash once. I think the same happens when I'm turning off the engine (but I need to check that again).

It's not a problem for me since it doesn't do much. I just want to know if that won't cause any problems in the future? Maybe it's an indicator of some problem? Or it's normal/typical and I shouldn't really think about that?

Any ideas? :)
My guess it's the result of switch bounce. As the voltage drops due to load removal the switch still as some contacts as it 'bounces' sort of back on. I don't see any issue.

Also the LEDs are very different then the old style bulbs. These need at lower forward voltage drops to turn on depending on their color. For ex. Red LEDs required maybe ~1. 2 VDC forward voltage to bias 'turn on' along with correct current.
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