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Nov 23, 2010
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I never thought of how a paint shop might not care about my engine bay or suspension components…that is definitely something to consider. I’ll be putting up a bunch of pics tomorrow and hopefully a walk around video. I think it’s in pretty good shape, and could be ripe for a driving resto. The kids and I spent several hours today scrubbing and cleaning it, looks pretty damn good!! 
Look forward to the pics Jason. 

Jan 7, 2015
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I fully encourage everyone to work on your cars. But I also encourage you to go in with wide open eyes. To do a great restoration on any car takes around 2,000 hour for a professional shop. So you are not professional and will be stopping and starting a lot. So that being said 2,000 hours is 8 hours a day for a full year of work. Investment in tools and equipment can be many thousands of dollars.
If you start out on the wrong foot you can scrap the car and can never complete the build. The TV shows are edited and lots of things cut out to make it look like it is easy and no problem. Just you paint and body materials will more than likely go over $3,000 that is just materials.
So go in with eyes open and know that the odds are against you. I see failed projects on Craigslist and Marketplace every day.
It is not easy and if anyone says it is they are blowing smoke.
It can be done by the average guy but you must have a drive and a goal that you are willing to sacrifice to get there.
I built my first car in 1964 & 1965 and finished it before I graduated from high school. I did pay the Ford dealership to paint the inside and outside for $125. The interior was done by the best trim shop in the area for $148 all original. Now consider I was making $1.00 an hour before taxes. That was like 7 weeks pay for just paint and interior. I did the mechanical. Inflation has blown those numbers way out of line. To pay someone to do a ground up true restoration will exceed $100,000 easily. The poor mans hobby is screwed up by the rich for sure.

I do hope you do it but keep your eyes open do not be blinded by just thinking you can do it, you have to desire to do it.
I have always been a purist to restore as original but I will never do another one. For sure not worth the effort or expense. I have sold 6 and will sell probably 12 more no reason to keep them if they are not worth anything to me.

Just the thoughts of an old time car enthusiast that has seen more fail that win.



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Jun 27, 2013
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Thanks all! I’m definitely leaning towards doing a “rolling restoration” with my son. Fixing odds and ends as we go, the fun factor is just too high right now to tear it all the way down to the frame. Plus, I think my car is in pretty good shape overall. Maybe I’ll start a project thread to document everything we do.  So glad I have this forum to lean on!