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1972 Mustang Sportsroof blurb from Sunday Paper


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They really backed into the topic of 71-73's didn't they? Still the step-kids after all these years!

72/5.0/Holley Street Avenger 570 4v/3spd

Added 8/09 New King Cobra Clutch, Power Steering and Power Brakes

Added 5/10 Classic Air Kit, HEI Distributor


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Yes sir! I posted a photo of the original "Gone in 60 Seconds" car on another forum and someone actually called it hideous! Uggh! LOL

I can understand it not being there favorite car but the hate factor these cars get is just stupid.I am not the biggest fan of Camaro's but I can still appreciate it for what it is {A classic car}and I would not go to someone who had one and say their car is ugly.Opinions are like {excuse the language} A@$ holes everyone has one but no one wants to hear it.If that guy did not like the picture he could of just left the thread and not post a reply.{Alright I have to calm down now I'm getting irritated hahaha}


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