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High build primer

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I spent about 10 hours trying to get my DS Door straight the old fashion way, fill sand, fill sand, a few swear words and more filling and sanding


Last night I put about 10 mill on the door


Tonight it took me about 1 hour to block it out


Wow it's straight as an arrow


Very easy to sand


I would recommend this product to anyone


I can seen this saving me at least 1/2 the hours on my body work


Now people won't be waving at me as I drive by and when I paint it I will see my reflections in my door smiling back at me!

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Steps involved to achieve a proper paint job MUST include high build. When starting with bare metal an epoxy is applied, filler, icing, glazing putty (if necessary), high build, guide coat, sealer (optional), base coat, clear. And a lot of sanding between all those. Patience, and persistence will reward you with a beautiful paint job.

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