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A pleasant surprise

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Took the dashpad out and top plate it attaches to. Cleaned the metal plate and replaced after removing sticky back velcro and all the glue where a cover had been put on :@ 


I did get a pleasant surprise though. Whilst taking the screws out to remove dashpad i happened upon this lurking in the dash which i never realized was there before today.

The upside i have a map light. The downside is the on/off button is stiff. I don't know if it works. There is glue on the light lense which will be removed when when i take the map light out and give it a good clean.







1971 Grande


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Steve take the light out

Put several drops of oil on the switch let it set for a couple of days with the lens

facing up.

Then add a couple of more drops and try and work the switch free


As for the lens I new ones




Thank You Don.

Can you put me a lense to one side and it can go in with my next order.


1971 Grande


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