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Q-Jet Time...

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Three anxious months waiting... it made it back home today)) It was damaged by UPS when I sent it from Ontario to Texas. Looked like it was thrown ( gently placed)) at some point as the fuel filter inlet and the throttle shaft were bent when the Texas company opened the package. Made it back (yea, I used UPS again) in perfect shape, thankfully. So, I bought this supposedly as a factory spec, show quality spec, #’s matching and date code correct for my 71 J Code Vert. Finished the rotisserie restoration in 2018, I have put no more then 25 mi on the car since...  Could not risk the expensive engine rebuild. Tried everything I knew to tune the carb, just kept dumping fuel. Had a local guy look at it, we were checking CO output, just reinforced the excessive fuel dumping. CO was ridiculous. This company found that the Idle Pickup Tubes and Down Channel Restrictions had been altered from factory. I think someone here commented already that this was normal back in the day for higher HP modified engines. Makes sense, based on my inability to tune the carb, ever... So, here’s hoping to a new and fruitful beginning with this car. I’ll let you know how I make out.



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"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...

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Glad you are finally resolving the issue.  Let us know how you do the setup and fine tuning. 

Geoff is right about some very nice weather coming into the region for a few days to do some trial drives.

As an aside, I just got my 69 vert back together (rear differential rebuild) so will be doing some test runs before prepping everything for seasonal winter hibernation.

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