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    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    Might be more out there than you think ...
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    Oil pressure sending unit

    Yep. I have one of these homemade wrenches in my toolbox for just this reason.
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    Axle Seal Concern

    I like that bearing with the o-ring! My bearing looks ok. No marks or blueing. Spins smoothly. Guess all I can do right now is carefully clean up the burrs on the inner bore, and install the new seal. Just don’t understand why the changing angles from the brake plate to the inner bore. Would...
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    Axle Seal Concern

    The other day, I was getting the car ready to take out for the first drive this year. Jacked the car up to change oil and noticed a little fluid on the inner side of the rear tires. Pulled the drums and found grease oozing down from the axles. This afternoon, used a slide hammer to pull the...
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    71-73 Mustang Parts

    Pricing everything to sell. Need to get the basement cleaned out! Attached is a pic of the crank. My car doesn’t have rear cranks, so I don’t know the difference. Thanks.
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    Wilwood Dynalite Disc Brakes

    Thanks for the great info. I do have access to a drill press and tap set. Wishful thinking, I guess, that pulling the spindles could be avoided. Replaced the springs a couple years ago. Not excited about messing with them again. I do see, though, there are other manufacturers with disc brake...
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    71-73 Mustang Parts

    5/2 - Updated List
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    Wilwood Dynalite Disc Brakes

    Thanks for the link! I’ll check that out.
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    Wilwood Dynalite Disc Brakes

    Considering upgrading my stock front disc brakes to the Wilwood Dynalite kit. I understand this requires drilling out and tapping holes in the spindle. I searched the forum, but couldn’t find examples of this being done without removing the spindles. Would like to avoid that. Has anyone...
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    71-73 Mustang Parts

    The glove box liner is still available. But, it's for a non-a/c car.
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    Windlace help

    I made the same mistake. Actually used some of it to fill the gap between the package tray and the rear window. Turned out pretty good. Looks finished.
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    Did I Ruin My Ram Air Hood Springs?

    Just replaced mine using a seat belt. Worked well, but you do have to put some muscle behind it.
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    WTB: 351C/2V exhaust manifolds

    Sorry to hear about the scam. Maddening. 😡. I have a set of exhaust manifolds available. Can send you a pic.
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    71-73 Mustang Parts

    Edited post with updated list.