351 Cleveland goes dead

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Jan 7, 2015
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If engine is getting hot you have some kind of issue that might be one of several things. Timing will run your temp up quick so be sure it is set correctly.
Did you put a 195 deg. Cleveland thermostat if if it is a Cleveland did not see in your post what you are working with. If a Cleveland is the brass baffle under the thermostat still in the block?
Is the lower radiator hose collapsing? Does it have a spring inside to prevent collapse?
Last thing is are you 100% positive you put the head gasket on the correct way? 302 or 351 can go on either way. Did you take pic of gasket on block before heads went on? There are two tabs that point up toward the intake. The front tab has a hole in it the back does not. All head gaskets are marked FRONT on them.
One the 302 you can knock the core plug out of the front of the head and feel with your finger if it is on correct.
Cleveland has no core plugs but the shape of the bottom corners will tell you if on correct. The front bottom corner has almost a square corner. The rear corner will have a big radius and angle going off.
Just a few things that can make you run hot. Do not know on the just shutting off deal.
Pice of the gaskets.


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