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Parts For Sale 72 Grande Glass and Rear Window/Vinyl Top Aluminum Trim Set


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Sep 21, 2013
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My Car
1973 Grande #1 looong time ago
1970 Sportsroof #2 almost as long
1971 Sportsroof M-code #3 needs money
2008 GT #4 where the money went
I have a full set of the factory aluminum trim for a Grande/vinyl top coupe. Good condition, no kinks/bends. Needs polishing/painting, but only one ding (repairable). I only have some of the OEM retainers/nuts.

$100 plus shipping or offers?

Also have a set of the 71-73 coupe rear window trim, also in good condition. $65 plus shipping?

In addition, I have the rear window and door windows, too. It is the OEM Carlite SunX tinted window. $75 each plus shipping? I pack well, so shipping it should not be a problem. But probably wise to get a quote first!

Pics soon...
Vinyl roof trim:20230320_150600.jpg20230320_150605.jpg20230320_150611.jpg20230320_150616.jpg
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Rear window trim:20230320_150821.jpg20230320_150824.jpg20230320_150901.jpg
And the glass:20230320_151002.jpg20230320_151218.jpg20230320_151232.jpg20230320_151243.jpg
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We shall see! I do have some other coupe parts...a back seat and rear interior quarter panels.
Not bad, but there are a couple scratches. They are black, though.
$100 plus shipping for the pair.
Here are some pics.20230321_181233.jpg20230321_181217.jpg20230321_181306.jpg20230321_181301.jpg20230321_181339.jpg20230321_181326.jpg
I am thinking of listing these parts on ebay unless anyone has a real interest in any of it.
Roof moldings sold...a while ago. A little late on the update!
Still have the rest.

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