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Mar 15, 2012
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71 Boss 302 Trans Am ,race car
Hi. I need a passenger side seat platform for my Mach1.I have had no luck with the aftermarket ones that look handmade.Simply they aren't right. I tried ordering a factory looking one from CJs and they sent me the handmade looking one.I returned it and they told me that's the one they carry.I also have read the factory looking ones may be taller?. I have a nice original for the drivers side but need a match for the pass side. And since I am building a TA  car,the car will not have I want it to look correct. I am totally fine with a used one,or if you have  the factory repo as long as its the right height for a fastback.


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Chris, I think I have a nice passenger side platform

hi Chris. Might be to late but I saw a pair on Kijiji Ontario yesterday for $100. Listed under 73 Mustang.


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