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Aug 27, 2021
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Williamsburg Virginia area
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1972 H code convert., 351C 2V, FMX, 9in., Ram air, Pwr Steering, Pwr Disc brakes, air-conditioning, 15" sport wheels, Ivy Glo w/white deluxe interior.
Well? After months of back and forth (literally it's been the thought since November), I decided to buy the Eastwood 30/60 Compressor. It arrived last week and after a couple other priorities coming up and needing to order the 30a twist-lock plug/service-cord setup chosen, I did a test wire yesterday using a splice. Just wanted to see, or rather hear, if it was "all that".

Give my old C.H. caused the ground to vibrate like an earthquake and the volume on the shop stereo couldn't go high enough to overcome the compressor that ran incessantly long cycles, it was like this compressor wasn't anywhere in the garage.

Real estate is also a premium so I was delayed a bit in figuring out where to situate the unit for best use. I actually thought of moving it to the crawlspace, given how quite it was but the sucker weighs something like 400lbs of top-end weight or that's what it feels like at the least. Then, getting it under the house would take a forklift and not to forget there's the problem of the 24"x24" door.

Anyhow, I opted for under my work bench. I was also looking for a way to sit there more comfortably with a bench stool so raising it up on 4x6's was the best option. You can't see the beam but it's the 4 side vertically, not the 6. Six would be an uncomfortable elbow height when standing.

Just need to change over all hoses and fittings to 1/2", what's recommended so, it'll be a couple weeks before that. At least the sandblaster has it's own hoses so I can start that rather quickly.


Edit: By the way, initial fill took all of maybe 90-seconds! The old C.H was about 4 minutes. Recovery was less than 30-seconds too. The initial fill is good news since it's recommended to drain daily and with its cost, probably some good advice since it's a one-shot purchase for the remainder of my life.

Edit 2: Now I get to practice my stainless-steel welding skills. I'm attaching an eyebolt to the work bench as an anchor. Wheels makes it mobile and can't be too careful these days. :cool:
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