First glimpse of new paint (with pic)

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My trunk aka deck lid. This is before wet sanding, etc


I went yellow too and am just starting to put some parts back on. I was contemplating on weather to go gloss or Matte, but after seeing your hood, no question, I'm going matte. Looks amazing!

If you dont mind, what is the paint code or color of the yellow. I have a 73 that i have been kicking around between green or yellow to do. Looking at about a year and a half till i am ready for paint, and from what i see on your hood it is GREAT, hope mine turns out. Thank you for you time

It is a DuPont paint that the local paint supply store made themselves. They call it Canary yellow but it is their own creation. He told me it is a combination of white yellow and yellow.

If you are interested the paint store is called Alliance Auto Paint here in Baton Rouge. Their number is 225-928-1060. They also told me they can make this for a lot less than other yellows which are traditionally expensive

I was just there today. One thing I forgot to mention is they are in partnership with a performance parts group and share the building. I have a Ford 400 in it with an edelbrock 400 performer intake, 4B Holley with an edelbrock aftermarket air. They are going to make my hood ram air functional to fit all of that. Pretty excited.

Thanks for all the thumbs ups too. I was a little anxious about the yellow and black, but it took me a while to find the correct yellow

Appreciate it guys

Here is a question: Since I am going to have a functioning Ram Air hood, should I put Ram Air stickers on the hood? I have found some yellow ones that match my paint and I think will look good contrasting on the black. They are Trans Am stickers and are a different font style but I still think they will look good. I had a guy once tell me about making mods to a car that already had some.., His words were, Well, you're already pregnant

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best advise: if you like them go for it, you are the one paying the bills and has to be happy with it.
I hear ya, but validation is always nice ;)

My opinion, and it is just that is to get originals and take them to a vinyl graphics shop let them make them in the correct font and in the color you want. It is really fairly cheap.
I agree with getting the correct size, font and exact color to match your awesome yellow. The wrong font would drive me crazy.

best advise: if you like them go for it, you are the one paying the bills and has to be happy with it.
I hear ya, but validation is always nice ;)
Thats true also, I always look at is glad they like it but in the end I have to look at it everyday. Now on the performance side I like opinions because if someone has already made the mistake in the past it a lot cheaper to learn from their mistake than to repeat them.


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