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Jan 7, 2015
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I love anything mechanical. Before I got my garage I was rebuilding a player piano. I had rebuilt the keyboard, had to take all the base strings off the base bridge had came off the sound board. I found lots of help and info on the net. You can get every piece of a 100 year player piano cheap. Not like our cars. Well I put new bridals on the works and got the piano back together. Had my sister come and play and she said of course way out of tune but that the keyboard felt brand new.
Now the player mechanics is a huge undertaking I 88 of the same thing over and over but I was told about 8,000 pieces that have to be worked on and refurbished. So with all the car work going on I had not even thought about the player. Was on Market place and saw a local family moving and they had a working Whirlitzer player with patent date of 1921 on the player. There mom had sent to Atlanta years ago and had the mechanical pedals removed and put in a vacuum system so you just turn it one but still plays all the old rolls. I say old they still make them with all the new music. Well I knew there would be no interest in the piano. Just like older cars as those that relate to them die off interest dies.
I got in touch with them and they did say they were moving and the cost to move the piano was too much to take it with them. He is an electrical engineer retiring headed to Florida. So I paid a visit before Christmas and we played some rolls and I told them I realized it was a great piano but also that there was probably zero interest. I was only person to come look. When I got the other piano moved it was $350 and was 1/3 the distance. They were asking $800 on their ad. So we reached an agreement that they will get help to load it and will follow me home to unload at the shop for $350 the cost to move. They just did not want it to go to the dump like so many do. I have hundreds of player rolls and they had over 50. So this is my next addition to the man cave. I have music covered I think. I love the sound of an old honky tonk upright player piano. Here are the pictures they had in their ad. The receipt for updating the piano was in the bench in 1970 was over $700. They wanted to keep through Christmas so the family could play the Christmas songs like there mom and grandmom had always done. I was due to go pick up today but it is raining and my trailer is open. For sure will need a tune after the move and I have a heating element, damp chaser, to put inside to keep the sound board dry. So something else the kids will have to get rid of when I am gone.
My mom taught herself how to play and my sister has 11 years of lessons. Me I do not have the patience to learn, lol.





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