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Jan 7, 2015
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Western North Carolina
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I have a friend Clay Parham that does only high end restorations or resto mod builds. He has done everything from Model A, CJ 68 Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, GTO, 65 Must., 68 Must. etc.

he is a perfectionist and worries a car body to death. Not a slouch on the mechanics either. I think his 66 GTO all steel body car does over 160  in 1/4 mile with a Pontiac engine.

This Nova was built for the head engineer at one of the automotive parts suppliers located in Asheville.

The engine was built by local engine builder Ben Barnes who has built NASCAR and racing boat engines for close to 50 years. It eventually had fuel injection on it. The hood was aluminum and you could pick up with one hand. I am not a Chevy guy but the work Clay does is amazing.

You might not know but Chevy welded the hinges on the Nova to save money. So there is no way to adjust door gaps except to weld up the edge of the door. They had horrible gaps but he had this one perfect.

I am going to get some pictures of a Pontiac Firebird HO 1968 that he just finished the paint, sand and buff on.

If anyone wants an excellent shop he has an opening a Dr. had to pull a Camaro out after spending $70,000 his wife said no more, lol.