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This is a good perspective. Rick/NPD has already explained why shipping is what it is. More often than not its reasonable enough and always fast. Overall, it's about as reasonable as one could ask.
100% Coop!

Since we all have a subjective idea of fair and reasonable, its difficult to share another's perspective. But, IMHO the bottom line is this... it's the cost of doing business! I am thankful for Rick & NPD. Holy smokes, I still remember the 1990's and having to mail an order form or call the Ocala warehouse by phone (during business hours) to make an order out of their printed catalog. I'll take the 2024 version, shipping costs and all.

I admit I try to stack all my parts orders to meet the minimum amount for free shipping, which I've done more times than I can count. Its fair to say I'm way ahead in the shipping department and Rick has fronted my shipping costs 99% of the time. But if I need something small I'll pay the shipping. As longs as it helps keep the lights on its money well spent.
I first entered the vintage mustang scene 21 years ago at age 16, I remember.
My first car was a 65 Mustang coupe, it needed lots of parts to get it back to a decent driver , this was in 1980 and I was 16 . Luckily there was a Mustang parts place about 20 miles away. I would go buy what I could afford and dream about buying the other parts that I didn’t have money for.
From a European point of view, you guys are tasting what we taste forever. For over 30 years ordering by many US shops, never ever did I get a discount on shipping. I did get the 245 billions emails with free shipping offers tho ( all with small letters considering me as a second class customer and not applying for any of the mails offers). And atm, the shipping costs are so ridiculous, I now order only when I can't build/restore or missing a part which in practice means I practically no longer order anything.

I do not blame the shops as it's basic math for them, but I surely hope they will reintroduce freight shipping as it was common back in the 90's. Sure it took up to 2 months to get the parts, but it made a big difference, especially for heavy or big parts. Also if they want get back most their European customers, they should look at cheaper carriers. Reason why I rarely order from Summit anymore. Because they removed any choice and force us the most expensive carriers. On which they forget that, at least in the Netherlands, we also do pay 21% on.
I spent $1000's of Cdn loonies on shipping, mostly from NPD because I think they are the best... Yes, there are all the additional UPS upcharges, and whatever else was tacked on that was a PIA, but no one held a gun to my head. I did take advantage of the $300 no shipping costs where possible and had many parts shipped to Buffalo and I drove over to pick up. Still, looking back when I was heavily into restoring my J Code Vert in the mid to late 2015-2018, I just paid the price...

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