Valve Cover Wiring Clips

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WCCC shows a picture of this as a used "wire retainer clip", Item 27379, but out-of-stock. Does anyone know how many are used on the 1973 302, and on which of the valve cover bolts they go? I have zero on my car.
need 2 per car. driver side valve cover. Not sure which valve cover bolts they were attached under at the factory. I just installed a new repro engine guage feed mfg by Alloy Metal Products(National Parts Depot) and the repro wiring DOES have two male plastic clips taped into the harness to attach to these metal valve cover clips. Unfortunately the metal clips are not reproduced yet and most owners are missing them. WCCC had some originals but are sold out. I need two also. Would be a good item for someone to repro. ***Anyone have a picture of the original clips in place on an engine???*** The plastic clips on the repro wiring harness line up with the carb side rear most valve cover bolt and the second from the front valve cover bolt. In other words the 2cd and 4th bolts from the front of the engine on the carb side of the drivers side valve cover. So that may suggest the 2cd and 4th are correct. Hope that makes sense. Designed to hold the harness in place AND keep it off the hot engine I believe. Would love to find two also! Thanks.
They were used on a lot of ford engines for a long time. A trip to the local you pull it salvage yard may be worth the time spent.

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